How Excalibur OS is better than any other platform? “After giving a huge development time of 4 years , we develop a revolutionised platform  the Operating system which cannot be affected by any sort of virus, We haven’t used the linux kernal but our core developer mr. Anmol Agarwal and his team designed system own kernal. By it’s unique development  there is no chance of file being corrupted or system being hacked. Our Operating System reduces the cost of hardware as it supports files from windows , Linux , Macintosh , iOS , and Android too , it means all in single platform that makes our platform better than any other platform. Our developer working on mining management system as every user that uses Excalibur OS could mine different coins at same time with instant withdrawals.” When we will see the product or a prototype? “At the moment the work on the product is in progress. We plan to release the beta version of Excalibur OS in the first quarter of 2019. We will keep you informed about our improvements.” Why people use Excalibur OS in this competitive market? According to gartner, the market of pc users in 2018 is above 3.5 billion and increased up to 4.5 billion in 2021. In this huge market of IT industry the main problem is hardware cost that an OS user spend a huge amount on hardware to operate different type of OS at same time and over 50 billion spent on antiviruses in 2017 even though antivirus couldn’t secure system fully . So we develop a revolutionary OS that overcame these riddles and problems to gain the speculative market of IT industry.”

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