Suarj Singh Bisht
(CEO Excalibur OS)

Successful test of mining management system

The Excalibur OS a dream project or a first OS that’s having mining management system a system in which user can mine most of the famous coins the program is not just limited to the mining function but having some of the adorable feature’s that made this system unique and cool as user is not just mine coins that are given but mine new coins too by just adding script in script editing tool and even used as a wallet or exchange. User could experience a lot more features like this in mining management system.

A successful test of mining management had done by our software developing team on 2/08/2018 at 1:45 am IST.

Sajal Manglik

(Development head of Mining Management System)

 we are really excited to announce that we have done our first test of mining management system and the results were really positive. Script editing tool is having some glitches but our team works really hard we surely get rid off these miner glitches and afterwards we works on mining management standalone setup which will worked on other OS too and have been given as an Excalibur service software

As by successful test of mining management system we are ready to go further and giving a big update by launching mining management system standalone software package ASAP.

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