A Surprise check for Virus Protection System

The main and important part of any software or operating system is security. so Excalibur OS which are worked on virus protection system for around 2 years continuously and were being developed or added this feature in Operating System on 5th June 2016 in which no virus could disturb normal working of PC. after getting added this feature our developer team works for this system and make this feature more user friendly and advance. on 11 August 2018 at 6:15 pm a virus named as Sepsis (a blood infection) deployed in OS by our Test Automation & Security Analyst Dr Sartaj Hussain.   Dr. Sartaj Hussain (Test Automation & Security Analyst) “A virus name Sepsis which is a File Infector Virus is successfully deployed in Excalibur to check the current progress of virus protection system and i am really amused by seeing the result that virus is permanently removed without giving any warning signal or without any interruption it’s been removed as it’s never been deployed “ As success of virus protection system we are really excited for further updates all the credit goes to our developer team and their hard work.

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