Winter December 2014 was just an idea proposed “No Virus, Spyware or Hacker could be able to disturb the normal working of the Operating System”.  Though it was just a thought, it just took three months to team up and getting the development start.   March 2015, was surprisingly way far better cause the development of the Operating System was on its way . The brilliant idea of getting security of data and virus free computer system started to built its major part “KERNEL” which probably got finished in the mid October 2015. And the project was given a name “EXCALIBUR OPERATING SYSTEM”.   Soon after it, the team members started working for User Interface. Some additions in members were done for designing the User Interface. The system was given three different type of System Menu (start menu). The user can switch any one of them and enjoy the system, the user interface was slightly different but with a friendly design. The system was also given two different types of sidebars, which gave the OS a Perfect look.   It took a year January 2106 founders found out, that if they could execute the system applications files from different operating systems could be like putting the soul into a dead body.   July 2016, the major part of security development was finished as the concept of Virus and Hacker Protection was live and got the existence in the system. Well after this they were charged up to their wills that in August 2017, the team decided to work on the idea of running different platforms application files into a single operating system.   In October 2017, The project got ready and was put on testing and was distributed among all the developers to test it. Woof a crucial call for every person who worked day and night for the project was about to go live. Though shortage of funds were the main reason where our project lacked the most. Krypto currency a unique method of raising funds,  so In September 2017, The company decided to launch its own krypto currency and so the company can raise the funds and can meet out its expenses and can then share the amount of profit with token holders in the form of bonuses in the ICO.   January 2018 , Now the Mining Management System was an its way  for development  to put it as an exciting feature in “EXCALIBUR”. The project got completed in April 2018, and Excalibur OS got Official Existence.

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