Way tired of sluggish operating system? Loads and Loads of data is corrupted due to virus and nothing can be done to retrieve it, Users problem get more complicated when they connect it with the internet, where the hackers are just waiting for them to make a wrong click and hack the system easily.  Is your operating system capable of detecting data theft too? Probably not in a millions ways but, 2019 is your year to make it happen, where A team “EXCALIBUR” is about to launch a brilliant idea of an Operating System “EXCALIBUR”, Its unique DATA SECURITY SYSTEM that ensures the security of the system and data not to be theft or exploited by the Hackers, which means application files from major OS will be supported by Excalibur Operating System.     Computer viruses have been around just about as long as the personal computer has existed. With the advent of the Internet, the ability of viruses to rapidly spread has increased substantially. Furthermore a person is hacked in seconds and then another, this cycle goes on and on without any security provided by the Manufactures of the Operating System.   Though “EXCALIBUR” is about to launch a sophisticated idea of Data Security and Viruses accordingly in 2019. Users are free to analyze and get connected with “EXCALIBUR” and get updated with every new article uploaded by the team. Plus users can know about “EXCALIBUR”, What’s new and amazing is coming up ahead, Excited users JUST BE AWARE “EXCALIBUR” is on its way.

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