ICObench Expert & ICO Advisor
⚡️Boosting ICO with Growth Hacking⚡️ +2.2M users Giacomo is one of the most important European Growth Hackers featured on the Financial Times, IlSole24Ore and Los Angeles Times. Two Million+ exits with the startup CercaClienti.it and SocialAutomation.online. 2,000 satisfied customers, founder of Black Marketing Guru, ICOvision.io and Co-Founder of the biggest ICO marketing company with over 2.2M users: ICObooster.io Giacomo has now been involved in the world of cryptocurrencies and ICOs for quite some time, establishing himself as a veteran of the industry and a pioneer of its processes. Currently also working as an advisor for ICO Vision and LCCX as well as a Black Marketing Guru, Giacomo has extensive experience in understanding the specific requirements of a business regarding the models through which it can generate capital that allows it to thrive in competitive environments.

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