Chief Scientific Developer
Kavita Gariya is chief scientific officer Excalibur OS. She is responsible for providing the global communications, computing, and security infrastructure that enables Excalibur OS operations as well as a variety of services for Excalibur OS customers. Additionally, Kavita and our team strive to be the first adopter, biggest influencer, and best promoter of relevant Excalibur technology. She routinely shares his insights in optimizing business results through the use of technology, developing world-class global teams, fueling innovation, and enabling IT operational excellence. Prior to joining Excalibur OS in 2015, Kavita was senior vice president and chief information officer of Soft IT World. With more than 5 years in the high tech industry, She has also served in various IT leadership positions at several companies. Kavita holds a Engineering Degree from the Delhi University and an MBA from Kumaon University.

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